Emy Legault

Triathlète Canadienne / Canadian Triathlete

My race season started on March 11th in Sarasota for the CAMTRI sprint Championship. The start was given at 10:45 AM for a non-wetsuit swim since the water was 22 degrees. 

Lucky enough, I was able to get the spot I wanted which was on the far right side of the pontoon. I had a great start and I was able to get out of trouble within the first 50m. At the first buoy I was third and swimming beside my training partner Eli. I quickly realized that there was about 1 meter separating us from the two leaders. I decided to do a little sprint to try and close the gap. It was a painful couple of second but I bridged up to the leader before it was too late. The rest of the swim was good and I came out 3rd. 

I had a good transition and I was first to mount my bike. I tried to push the pace at the beginning of the bike to create a separation in the pack. It worked and we were 5 girls in the lead group. Unfortunately, about 5k in the bike portion, the chase group caught up to us and we were now just over 10 girls. Going through transition a break was made and I ended up in the chase group with 3 other girls. We worked hard but we lost about 45 seconds on the leaders.

Going out the transition I felt good, but apparently my run didn't go like I felt. 


I'm now back to training in Flagstaff, AZ. It's 2000m in elevation.


Up next: Hamilton, BER.

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